Palmer MI FAB 5 - 5W All-Tube Guitar Combo

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575,00 €
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he Palmer FAB 5 combo is loaded with an extremely powerful 10" Ragin Cajun speaker by Eminence and has a maximum output of 5W.

The design is an all-tube, single-ended circuit. The preamp tube is a time-tested 12AX7 (ECC83); the output stage uses a 6V6 tube in conjunction with an EZ81 tube rectifier. This makes the FAB 5 especially suitable for blues and rock sounds. The natural distortion and direct, lively response are typical for single-ended circuits. The amplifier is equipped with an internal power soak, which makes it possible to reduce the output by half or even to "bedroom level" (5 W - Full, 2 W - Room, 0,05 W - Bedroom).

Moreover, the amp also has an additional speaker output for connecting external speakers as well as a boost function that can be activated using an optionally available foot switch (when no foot switch is connected, the boost function is active and can be controlled using the corresponding boost knob).

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